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Within the territory of "Dzerzhinskhimmash" there is a river port belonging to the mill .

Port is located at the left shore of the river Oka in 30 km from the river Volga. Due to that position port is well connected with system of Russia Inner Water Ways and respectively with Baltic, Black , White and Caspian Seas.
Port has scoop-like shape with length 80 meters / breadth 22 meters. Maximal allowable draft is 3 meters.
One river or sea-river vessel can enter the port for cargo operations.

Main function of the port is handling of overweight and oversized cargo. For that purpose port is equipped by 2heavy-lift bridge-like shore cranes with total lifting capacity of 640 mt.

It is obvious that such lifting capacity is unique. Seldom seaports can handle cargo places over 100 mt and mostly by floating cranes.
" Dzerzhinskhimmash" river port can handle much heavier cargoes which are shipped by river to / from central regions of Russia.

Loading and discharging can be performed directly auto trailer – vessel / vessel – auto trailer and via the berth.

Storage of cargo of cargo can be performed directly on the berth (open) and in mill’s warehouses (closed).

Storage of bonded cargoes is also allowable.

Reloading of cargo into / from railcars in case of necessity can be performed in 7 km from port on the own mill’s railway also equipped by heavy-lift cranes. The nearest railway station is station "Igumnovo" of Gorkovskaya Railroad.
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