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The Generation Industrial Group  is the leading manufacturer and supplier of wide range of equipment and package solutions for oil-and-gas industry  and heat-and-power engineering in Russia and   CIS. The holding company includes enterprises famous for customers as the leaders in producing of reliable and high-quality goods as well as large research and design institutes in Russia:

  • NEFTEMASH (Syzran,  Samara region)
  • BULANASH ENGINEERING PLANT (Bulanash, Sverdlovsk region)
  • DZERZHINSKKHIMMASH (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Monastyrischensky engineering plant (Monastyrische, the Ukraine)
  • SA«UPET» (Romania);
  • SIBNIINP (Tyumen)
  • Scientific and Research Center, Saratov
  • Ural NIIPGIPROZEM (Ekaterinburg)

We pursue long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, providing them the wide range of produced equipment, effective integrated solutions and advanced technologies, designed for drilling, petroleum production, treatment and transportation of oils as well as for heat and power supplies of oil and gas fields and enterprises. We achieve our goals be the help of the main competitive advantages of our Company:

Each member of the holding company has its own specific feature that allows it to occupy the leading position on the market of Russia and CIS. Due to merging, now we are able to supply customers a wide range of equipment that is highly competitive in quality and performance characteristics to the products of foreign manufacturers.

  • The Generation Industrial Group   has long-term cooperation with leading research and design engineering institutes in Russia, proposing customers the original innovative technologies to increase oil treatment productivity and oil production output. The engineering efforts of our Scientific and Research Center are implemented to the holding production lines, providing high competitiveness of our products in the market.
  • Marketing monitoring of oil and gas equipment and heat-and-power engineering equipment, as well as the cooperation with the foreign manufacturers allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of engineering and designing solutions based on equipment produced by world leading manufacturers.
  • Design and assembling departments of the company render full package of services, whether they are: technical audit, customer-oriented design development, manufacturing and montage, after-sales service and maintenance.
  • The production process is ISO  9001, all of the goods are produced in strict compliance to relevant Russian and international standards applied to production quality and environmental safety.

The Generation Company’s products are well known in the market as service-strong, user-friendly and environmentally safe. The following leading oil-and-gas producers in Russia and CIS are among our customers: LUKOIL, ROSNEFT, GASPROM HEFT, TNKBP, SURGUTNEFTEGAS, RITEK, KAZANTRANSOIL, KAZSTROISERVICE and many others.

Our business and public interests are interconnected; we consider effective social policy and trusting partnership to be the prerequisites of our successful activity.

The Generation values:

Leadership readiness to take responsibility for solving problems of any complexity and its successful performance

Professionalism Competence, flexibility (ability to make necessary changes according to assigned task and situation)

Loyalty meeting of personal and business interests (Company’s success is your success)

Preference of  final results (money) -
emotional and financial welfare(drive)

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