Drilling rig TW 125 CA A6

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Rig is intended for maintenance and full repair of field well and also for drilling of straight hole for oil and gas (with additional configuration).

Technical specification

Max experimental static hook load (8 strings), ton force 150
Max operational hook load (6 strings), ton force 125
Operating depth, m: for repair: by pipes 3 1/2" (89 mm) (19,79 kg/m) 4000
by pipes 2 7/8" (73 mm) (15,6 kg/m) 5100
for underground repair (maneuvering of empty oil-well tubing): oil-well tubing 3 1/2" (89 mm) (18,6 kg/m) 5200
Oil-well tubing 2 7/8" (73 mm) (13,72 kg/m) 6100
Type of mast
MU 125-33
Free mast height from the ground, m: without ramp 33,4
with ramp 33,56
Max length of brought up stalks, m 18
Rated capacity of drawworks and hydro-rotor, kW 397
Rated capacity of drill pump 3 PN 300, kW 699
Drawworks type – amount of drums TF20-2
Diameter of drill line, mm 28
Crown block type GF 125-5 × 28
Type of hook block MC 125-4 × 28
Type of swivel СН 125
Max static load, ton force 125
Hydraulic rotor type MRL 175
Orifice of a table, mm 444,5
Max simultaneous load on derrick stand, ton force 225
Max load on rotary table, ton force 125
Max load on setback, ton force 2 x 50=100
Height from the ground to rig floor, m 5
Height under substructure, m 4,1
Device for derrick worker evacuation cable
Skid type Roman 75540 MFEG (12 × 8)
Motor power, kW 397


Devices with motor vehicle chassis:

  • Power block: CATERPILLAR motor + hydromechanical ALLISON transmission;
  • drawworks with mechanical brake, with 2 brake straps; 
  • auxiliary hydraulic brake for drawworks;
  • rotary table transmission;
  • mast including crown block; 
  • hook block; 
  • swivel;
  • hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems;
Equipment transported by trailers:
  • rotary table;
  • parallelogram tipping derrick substructure including working platform and rotor;
  • rig ramp mounted on chassis including means of support for motor vehicle chassis and mast; 
  • driller’s cabin; 
  • drill pump block, circulating system and outside electric generator block;
  • housings and heating system during operation under low temperatures;
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